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A Beginner’s Guide to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a MMORPG game that requires a lot of grinding, and it can be tedious if you don’t do it efficiently. Managing your time and daily tasks can be really rewarding. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, this beginner’s guide can help you breeze through it.

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Claim Free Items from NPCs

In the early stages of the game, you can get free items from NPCs and you should make sure not to miss out on any!. For example, in Prontera, you can get free equipment and Growth Pack just by talking to Miu.

You can also go to Tylin and she will reward you with 30 pink ticket vouchers which you can use on a Gacha machine for some rolls (10 tickets for a roll). You will also get random Saint items that can grant you a 10% bonus experience when yielded too.

Acquire Your Adventure Handbook

After upgrading from your first job class, you will be given a quest by an NPC from the Adventure Hall. Once you complete this quest, you will be given your first Adventure Handbook. This handbook is a sort of record book of your Achievements.

For every new data, monster, and location that you unlock, it will be automatically added to your roster. Then you will get Adventure EXP to boost up your Adventure Level. Higher Adventure Levels means more special attributes and skills. The most important Adventure Skills in the game are “Combat Skill”, which adds one more auto-attack skill slot, and “Stay Alert” that allows you to stay in your position while farming or fighting enemies.

Take Photos

You will be given a free Camera once you complete the Camera quest in Prontera. You can use this wherever you go. Be sure to have your photo op with new monsters and sceneries that you will encounter along the way. Some of these places will be marked with a camera icon on your map. This will earn you Adventure XP for your Adventure Handbook.

Focus on Early Game Quests

It is quick to gain experience in the early stages of the game with the abundance of early quests available to you. Prioritize these quests to level up faster. Remember also that you get 300 SP daily and it’s a good rule of thumb to spend your stamina wisely by focusing on farming resources and leveling up. When you have depleted your stamina, go ahead and participate in other quests since these don’t need SP to play in.

Use the Play Dead Skill

You probably do not know about this but there is a Play Dead skill that you can learn from an NPC in the game. You will come across him lying down on the ground in the South Prontera area. You can have this on your auto skill slot. It is very useful whenever your SP gets depleted. This makes your Play Dead and he or she will automatically recover HP and SP.

Join a Party For More Rewards

Joining a party or partying with other players will have you killing mobs faster and easier. This way, you’ll gain experience as you kill one mob after another quickly. However, you will be sharing item rewards and EXPs with party members since you are doing the same quest. You’ll need to be on the same channel with your friends if you wanna team up with them to take on a quest.

Buy Food items to Boost Strength

To sustain health and stamina while farming, you can buy food items such as warm dishes from the food shop. Don’t be so stingy with your bucks, spend some of them! These dishes can boost your strength, dexterity, and intelligence with some slight boost in damage stats. It will help you reach higher levels faster and make your character more efficient.

Use Butterfly/Fly Wings

Don’t restrict yourself from exhausting your Butterfly and wings. Spam them to get to your destination quickly! Butterfly wings are used to instantly send you back to your Saved location, while Fly wings can be cut off and converted into magical objects and teleport you to random locations on the map. They are useful in quests that require tons of walking. Time is valuable in the game, and this is the only key to maximize your time!

Download Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on your PC and play it for free!